This Creative Has Gone Viral For His Insanely Unconventional DIYs

In the age of social media, it’s not uncommon to stumble upon a viral post or two that leaves us in awe. From cats that can play the piano to dogs that can surf, the internet is filled with endless entertainment. But what about a creative that has gone viral for his insanely unconventional DIYs? Meet Tom Sachs, the New York-based artist whose DIYs have gained global attention for their ingenuity and unconventional approach.

Tom Sachs is not your typical artist. He is known for his large-scale sculptures, installations, and DIYs that often take on familiar objects and cultural icons. However, unlike other artists who might purchase their materials or employ a team of assistants to help bring their visions to life, Sachs prefers to use his hands and basic materials to create his art. From cardboard to duct tape to spray paint, Sachs often uses everyday objects that most of us would discard to create his masterpieces.

Sachs’ DIYs have gone viral for their unconventional approach to creating art. His pieces often require a high level of skill, patience, and attention to detail. In one of his most well-known works, he created a functioning replica of a space mission that included everything from the spacecraft to the astronaut’s suits. The project, which took years to complete, required Sachs and his team to study NASA’s materials and methods to create a realistic and functioning model.

Another one of Sachs’ viral DIYs is his famous “Chanel Guillotine.” The sculpture is a commentary on the luxury brand’s history and the French Revolution. The guillotine is made from wood, steel, and plexiglass, and features a functional blade. The piece has been displayed in galleries around the world and has garnered attention for its tongue-in-cheek commentary on consumerism and excess.

While Sachs’ DIYs may seem unconventional, they are not without purpose. He often creates his pieces as a way to critique societal norms or challenge the way we view certain objects or institutions. For example, in his piece “Hello Kitty Nativity,” Sachs created a nativity scene using the popular cartoon character as the central figure. The piece challenges the traditional notion of what a nativity scene should look like and comments on the commercialization of Christmas.

Sachs’ DIYs have gained a loyal following on social media, where fans eagerly await his next creation. In addition to his art, Sachs is also known for his workshops, where he teaches others how to create their own DIYs. His workshops have become popular among artists and DIY enthusiasts, who are drawn to his unique approach to creating art.


Tom Sachs’ viral DIYs are a testament to the power of creativity and resourcefulness. His ability to transform everyday objects into works of art has captured the attention of the world, and his unconventional approach to creating art has inspired others to think outside the box. Whether it’s a functioning space mission or a Chanel guillotine, Sachs’ DIYs challenge us to think about the world around us in new and unexpected ways.

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